Eli Magaziner
for Eitan Yahalomi

Eitan is home now

For Eitan Yahalomi
12 Years old

Eitan, along with other family members, including his sisters (10 and 8 months), was kidnapped. He was placed on a motorcycle with his baby sister and another injured foreign worker. His mother, Bat Sheva, and his sister Yael were placed on a different motorcycle. Overwhelmed by the baby's cries, they handed her back to her mother, Bat Sheva. As they approached Gaza, two army tanks arrived to patrol, and the terrorists stopped their motorcycle. At that moment, Bat Sheva and her girls jumped, ran, and hid. Unfortunately, from that point forward, Eitan was separated from the group and was taken to Gaza.

On November 27, as part of the fourth exchange deal, Eitan was released. His father, Ohad, remains in captivity.

From the artist

Mural by Eli Magaziner

Location Rabenu Khanan'el St 20

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