Idan Zakai
for Raz Asher

Raz is home now

Time is Running Out
Idan Zakai

For Raz Asher
4 Years old

Raz (4) and Aviv (2) traveled with their mom Doron (34) to Kibbutz Nir Oz to visit Grandma and her partner, Gadi Moses, for the holiday. They stayed overnight, and on the morning of October 7th, everyone was kidnapped. A video released on social media by the terrorist organization shows that they were forcibly taken. Their grandma Efrat, Doron's mom, was murdered.

On November 24th as part of the first phase of the exchange deal, Aviv was released along with her sister and mother. Other family members remain in captivity.

From the artist

A cry and a demand for help is a central motif in this artwork, which consists of three panels: a call to the IDF, a call to politicians, and a call for viewer assistance. I painted the lower panel with bright yellow because I wanted it to be the first thing the viewer sees. It is up to us to keep the abductees on the public agenda and put pressure on the army and the government to do everything in their power to bring them back home. Raz's predicament and situation are hinted at by the work's division into panels.

Mural by Idan Zakai

Location Rabenu Khanan'el St 20

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