Nitzotz Saranga
for Amilia Aloni

Amilia is home now

The missing peace

For Amilia Aloni
5 Years old

Emilia and her mother Daniel (45) traveled to Kibbutz Nir Oz to spend the second holiday of Sukkot at her aunt's house, Sharon Aloni. She was kidnapped on October 07, along with her mother, her aunt Sharon, uncle David, and their daughters Emma and Yuli (3). After three weeks Hamas released a video showing Emilia's mother, Daniel with two other captive woman. Her favorite hobbies are cooking, solving puzzles, and dressing up.

Emilia was released with her mother, her aunt and her two daughters, as part of the first phase of the exchange deal that took place on November 24. Her uncle Sharon, the father of Yuli and Emma remain in captivity.

From the artist

Emilia Aloni, 5 years old, is described by her family as a real-life angel: a ray of sunshine who loves baking, dancing, solving puzzles, and dressing as a unicorn or in rainbow colors - a star. "The Missing Peace" is a visualization of all of this - portraying a perfect picture of Emilia - with only one piece missing: Emilia herself. Emilia was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on the 7.10 attack, together with her mother. Emilia's image is left uncolored, exposing the raw, peeling wall behind the mural - as if to describe how thin and fragile the layer that separates our normal everyday lives from the reality that lies just underneath the surface - and how when this layer is peeled off we, unfortunately, discover how evident the missing peace is.

Mural by Nitzotz Saranga

Location Rabenu Khanan'el St 22

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