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Alma Or

For Alma or
13 Years old

Alma is Noam's sister and the daughter of Yonat and Dror (50). On October 7, she was kidnapped from home along with her father Dror (48), brother Noam (16), and cousin Liam (18), Yonat was murdered.
On November 25, as part of the second phase of the exchange deal, Noam and Alma return to Israel as orphans from their mother, while their father is in captivity. Even their cousin Liam , who meets the criteria for release, is not included in this round.

From the artist

Alma's smile and eyes full of light created an immediate connected with her. A friend of hers told that Alma is full of joy in life, she loves music and wherever she goes, her presence is immediately noticed. I could feel it just by looking at her and through that I wrote. The words were written using a stencil and they aim to transfer music and light and the longing for the return of Alma and all that were kidnapped. Come home.

Mural by Tamara

Location Alfasi Street 25

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