for Amit Shani

Amit is home now

For Amit Shani
16 Years old

Amit was kidnapped from his family's home during the Hamas terrorist attack. The abduction occurred in front of his mother and sisters. Amit marked his 16th birthday in captivity on October 21, his two great loves are surfing and the FC Juventus.

On November 29, as part of the six phase of the exchange deal, Amit was released.

From the artist

The artwork I created for 'Walls of Hope' is dedicated to 16-year-old Amit Shani, who was tragically abducted from Kibbutz Beeri on October 7th. This mural captures elements inspired by Amit's favorite activities, combining them with the stark and troubling reality he faced during his captivity.

This mural holds a special place in my heart, as it was a collaborative effort with my father, an experience that was profoundly meaningful. Special thanks to Golan, Avi, and a group of generous friends who contributed their time to finish the mural on time.

We are waiting and praying for them all to come back home safely this weekend 🎗️

Mural by yambo

Location Alfasi Street 25

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