Eli Babajanov
for Yuval Brodutch

Yuval is home now

Every child deserves to flourish
Eli Babajanov

For Yuval Brodutch
8 Years old

The Brodutch Famliy
When the messages on WhatsApp began reporting a terrorist infiltration, Avichai Brodutch rushed his four children and wife into the shelter and went out to try to help. On the way, he saw Avigail , the daughter of his neighbors, alone. He picked her up and brought her to his home. While he tried to assist the residents of the settlement, his wife Hagar and their children Yuval (8), Ofri (10), Uriah (4) and Uriah's preschool friend Avigail ,(4) were kidnapped to Gaza.
The evening before, they celebrate Ofri's 10th birthday. A celebration that ended in captivity.

On November 26, as part of the third phase of the exchange deal, Hagar, Ofri, Yuval and Uriah were released along with Avigail.

From the artist

Yuval Brodech is 8 years old. He was kidnapped from his home along with his mother Hagar and his siblings - Ofri (10) and Uriah (4.5). .Yuval is a sensitive boy that loves playing his X-box, especially Minecraft. I painted his portrait holding the Minecraft pickaxe and his name written in the game's logo style

Mural by Eli Babajanov

Location Rabenu Khanan'el St 20

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