Dima Korma
for Erez Kalderon

Erez is home now

For erez

For Erez Kalderon
12 Years old

Erez was abducted with his father Ofer (50) and his sister Sahar (16) from their home. During the attack, Hamas released a video was by, Erez appears to be taken by terrorists. Their grandmother, Carmela Dan, and their cousin Noya Dan, were murdered.

On November 27, as part of the fourth phase of the exchange deal , Erez and Sahar were released, their father Ofer remains in captivity.

From the artist

This work is dedicated to 12-year-old Erez Kalderon, who was abducted from his home in Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7. Erez, known for his love of biking and horse riding, inspired the painting with the emotions of movement, energy, and freedom. The artwork is characterized by fluid graphic elements and free-flowing lines, reflecting the essence of his passions.

Mural by Dima Korma

Location Alfasi Street 25

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