Gur Margalit
for Naveh Shoham

Naveh is home now


For Naveh Shoham
8 Years old

Along with his parents, and his sister Yahel (3) they visited their family members in Kibbutz Ba'ari on the morning of the murderous terrorist attack. Naveh was abducted along with his parents Adi (38) and Tal (38), his younger sister, his Aunt Sharon Avigdor (52) and her daughter Noam (12). Family members were murdered ,

On November 25, as part of the second phase of the exchange deal, Adi and her two children, Nava and Yahel were released.

From the artist

A wall of solidarity for Nave Shoham, the 8-year-old who was kidnapped with his sister Yahel and his parents Adi and Tal and held hostage in Gaza by ruthless Hamas terrorists. Naveh loves football so much. His favorite ball and one of his shoes remained intact next to the house in Kibbutz Beeri that was burned entirely after the October 7th terror attack.

Mural by Gur Margalit

Location Rabenu Khanan'el St 22

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