Paul Rozenboim
for Ohad Munder

Ohad is home now

Cubes of Hope
Paul Rozenboim

For Ohad Munder
9 Years old

Ohad, along with his mother, Keren Munder, and her parents, Abraham (78) and Ruth (78) Mundar, were kidnapped during the Hamas terrorist attack on Kibbutz Nir Oz on the morning of October 7th. He is a gifted boy and a Rubik's cube enthusiast who loves playing soccer and is a fan of the local team 'Hapoel'.

Ohad was released along with his mother and grandmother as part of the first phase of the exchange deal that took place on November 24. Ohad's grandfather remains in captivity.

From the artist

Ohad is a smart 9-year-old who loves football, and brain puzzles. He solves Rubik's cubes in a matter of seconds. He was kidnapped with his mother, and grandparents while visiting Kibbutz Nir Oz. Painting the mural felt deeply personal to me as I too was once a kid just like Ohad, and his story, like the other 38 kids taken, can't be ignored. Each Rubik's cube in the artwork symbolizes Ohad's resilience and our collective hope, as we await their safe return. This one is for you Ohad.

Mural by Paul Rozenboim

Location Rabenu Khanan'el St 26

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